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What Now?!

I’ve been to the doctor trying to get help for out of control dandruff, pain in my left hip, and the exhaustion I feel all the time. He sent me for blood and urine tests and I got the results the other day. My thyroid levels are low so I’m not taking enough thyroxine and there are white cells in my urine that indicate infection but there are no bacteria present.

He increased my thyroxine dose and asked me to go back for more testing.

I got on the internet a few minutes ago and looked up the names, or rather initials, of the tests he is sending me for.

FBE; UE; TSH; T4; T3; MSU-MCS; Urine PCR (C & G); Urine- Acid Fast Bacillie; Urine Cytology *3; HbA, C; RBG; Sterile Pyurea Fl

From the look of that lot I’m going to need a blood transfusion after they have done taking blood! Going to need to drink a LOT of water, cross my legs tightly, and pray I don’t sneeze too by the look of it!

FBE is a Full Blood Examination that checks the red and white blood cells looking for information that can help with diagnoses.

UE is urea and electrolytes and that’s checking kidney function.

TSH; T4 and T3 are my usual tests to see if thyroid replacement medication is keeping thyroid hormones at the right levels. I lost my thyroid gland to thyroid cancer years ago so this test has been done regularly since then.

MSU-MCS is a mid-stream urine sample to be checked via microscopy (under the microscope), culture (see what grows in it), and sensitivity (I don’t know – maybe to see if I’m allergic or sensitive to things?).

Urine PCR (C & G) is testing for the levels of protein and creatinine lost in the urine to test kidney function and C & G is testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoeae! I can’t decide if I’m flattered or offended to be getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases at my age lol.

The Urine-Acid Fast Bacillie test will be checking for tuberculosis. WTF? TB? Didn’t they stamp that out in Australia years ago?

Urine cytology *3 is going to test for infection, inflammation, cancer and pre-cancer of the bladder. Sigh – not cancer again!

HbA, C is Hemoglobin and it’s testing blood sugar for diabetes while RBG is random blood glucose and that’s another diabetes test. Last time they tested me for diabetes they said I was pre-diabetic. The doctor said it looks like I may have tipped over to diabetes now. Makes sense. I’ve only gotten fatter since the last test. Sigh.

Sterile Pyurea fl is a bit vague. It refers to the presence of things in the urine that indicate infection when no infection is present.

To sum up – I’m being tested to see if I have a thyroid hormone imbalance, diabetes, a sexually transmitted disease, tuberculosis, kidney disease or more cancer! This time it’s cancer of the bladder or kidneys.

I suddenly feel sicker than I did when I went to see him!

The joys of getting old when you have not looked after your body properly all your life.

None of this answers the question of why my dandruff has spiraled out of control to the extent that I can’t nod or shake my head without it looking like a shower of talcum powder has been released!

I’m frantic in my efforts to at least control it if I can’t get rid of it. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is working. I have tried everything from expensive shampoos and doctor prescribed steroid creams, to home remedies such as vinegar washes and mustard oil.

I asked the doctor and this time he gave me pills to try.

I asked if it could be related to whatever is going on with my kidneys and he said it could. He thinks it’s fungal and he said if there is too much sugar in my blood that can encourage the growth of things like fungi on my scalp or in my kidneys.

I still think the magic cure is to just lose some weight. Sigh.

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