International Criteria For Website Credibility

The following is the criteria related to international best practice.  They are the features a website can implement to enhance the credibility of the information they offer. Kim likes to adhere to best practice policies and guidelines wherever possible so this page outlines how attempts to comply with these criteria.

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A policy that each resource is authored by a person or group with appropriate qualifications/experience (incl. Names or positions, qualifications, experience)

All information contained on is authored by the owner of the website except where stated otherwise.  Kim, the owner, is a registered psychologist with eighteen years experience in the field.  (See “About Me” for full details of Kim’s qualifications and experience.)

Any information used in the creation of the content provided on that is not the original work of Kim is credited to the original authors of the information and their work is referenced as per APS publishing guidelines.  Where such content exists on the site the credentials of the original author(s) is stated.

Kim undertakes not to write resources and publish them on if she is not qualified to write that resource.  If such a resource is required Kim will link to a site that is qualified to supply it.

A procedure for appropriate attribution of resources

Resources that are not the original work of the website owner will be clearly stated as such and be referenced in accordance with APS publishing guidelines.

A review process (with capacity for review prior to initial placement onto the site and at appropriate intervals to ensure currency). Needs to cite positions, qualifications, name of who reviews

All information provided on is reviewed by Kim prior to placement on the site to determine if it meets the criteria for publication outlined below:

  1. Resource content must be in line with established thinking in the field of psychology.
  2. Where resource content is not in line with established thinking in the field of psychology the material must be clearly flagged as having no other authority apart from the author’s reasons for presenting such material and those reasons must be clearly stated.
  3. Resource content must not breach “duty of care” obligations.
  4. The site must not contain any plagiarised content.
  5. Where content is taken from another source that content must be clearly attributed to the original source and references provided.
  6. All content must be checked to ensure correct spelling and grammar with the exception of entries appearing on the “Reasons to live” graffiti wall.  (The rules for correct spelling on are United Kingdom rules and these sometimes differ from USA or spell check programme spelling.) Some USA spelling, or incorrect spelling, will, however, be included on the site for the purpose of search engine optimisation.

Information contained on will be reviewed at least once a year by Kim to ensure it remains current and continues to meet the criteria outlined above.

All information provided on will be subjected to immediate review upon receipt of any comment, complaint or criticism received by the author about the material at any time.

Details of the final approval process (including responsibility/qualifications)

Final approval for the content on rests with Kim.  

The material contained on and in the attached blog, In My Own Words, is primarily case study material.  This means it is often unique and cannot be replicated or supported by other resources.

Much of the information contained on will be information that can be found on, in some cases, hundreds of other sites.  Such information will, however, often be presented with a slightly unique flavour as it will be being filtered through the case study channel.

In cases where the material being presented on this site is not, or may not be, in line with the accepted professional view on the subject Kim undertakes to ensure that material is presented as her own thoughts and feelings and not as the official position taken by the profession of psychology.

Kim also undertakes to ensure the material presented on wordsbykim and the attached blog, In My Own Words, is clearly identified as being personal opinion only where such is the case.

It is the policy of to maintain, insofar as is possible, an objective stance towards the material presented on this site.  This means that Kim will read and give serious consideration to any evidence that the contents of this site need to be revised, updated, altered or removed.

Whenever it is clear the information contained on this site is, or may be, wrong or inaccurate that information will be dealt with in a transparent manner.  Users of the site will be informed the information is, or may be, wrong or inaccurate and the information will be flagged, altered, edited or removed.

Kim is committed to accepting and, if necessary, acting on feedback.  The final approval process is, therefore, heavily dependent on receiving feedback from the users of this website.  Users can give feedback via the contact page at the top of all pages on this site throughout the site.

Address conflict of interest

Where Kim is affiliated with any company, product or website that is named, or linked to, on wordsbykim such affiliation will be clearly disclosed and explained.

A policy on advertising

Kim will not be accepting advertisements on unless she believes what is being advertised will be of benefit to the users of her site.

As an example — Kim intends to recommend users of purchase a couple of the books she possesses.  At the time of writing this Kim has no affiliation of any kind with the authors or sellers of those books.  Kim would, however, be willing to accept an advertisement for a site that sells the books as this would make it easier for users of the site to access them.  If Kim was offered payment for having recommended the books she would be willing to accept it because she personally approves of the product.

Kim will not, however, enter into any agreement to recommend any product, service or site in return for payment of any kind unless she honestly believes that product, service or site may be of genuine benefit to the users of

If, in the future, Kim does agree to accept payment of any kind for recommending any product, service or site notice will be given to the users of that she is receiving payment for the recommendation at the point that recommendation is made.

A process for consumer consultation and/or audience testing

Throughout provision is made for users of the site to contact Kim and offer feedback on the site and its contents.  Kim undertakes to read all communications from users of the site with a view to ensuring the standard and quality of the site and its contents is as high as it is possible for her to make it.

A process to ensure maintenance of metadata for resources

Kim does not know what this means but she intends to look into it so this section is under construction for now.


The basis of decisions to provide information

The decision to offer the information and services provided on is based on the following things:

Kim has always thought a lot of information currently available to the public on the internet is presented in ways that could confuse or overwhelm people whose internal resources are depleted.

She believes people will find it easier to absorb, understand and, most importantly, use this same information if it is provided in the context of a case study. The only case study Kim can ethically share on the internet is that containing the details of her own life.

The owner of believes she has the ability to write versions of existing information that will be easier to read and understand than many of the currently available versions. This will address the needs of some the the members of the public who are currently not able to access that information for any reason.

Many people do not know much about seeking professional help when they are facing problems. They can be fearful, pessimistic, mistrusting and even hostile to the idea they may need such help or be unaware that help is available for their particular problem.

For some people psychologists, the benefits of therapy, and what might happen to them if they seek help are shrouded in mystery and myths and seeks to address these issues.

Background information on the organisation is not an organisation and can only provide background information on the individual who owns the site.  This information can be found on the About Me page of the site.

A statement of aims/objectives of organisation/information

Mission Statement

To provide free information and a unique role model to people all over the world who are struggling with problems that reduce their enjoyment of life and to supply high quality writing services for a fee.


Offer information and advice that is consistent with accepted knowledge and research in the respective fields.

Permit the public to access the details of my personal life journey, the problems I have faced, the problems I currently face together with the ideas, skills, knowledge, solutions, discoveries, insights and information I have used, or am using, to cope with my own life and the situations or issues I face, or have faced, with a view to presenting this material in a way that will allow members of the public to use it to improve their own lives and cope with their own problems.

To address barriers to help-seeking behaviour by addressing some of the myths, fears and prejudices that can cause people to avoid seeking professional help.

Offer any suitable information, when it becomes possible to do so, in other languages.

A process to check compliance with external standards (eg. W3C).

All pages on are, wherever possible, W3C compliant and have been validated as such.