Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

This site, and all the material contained on it, is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.  Taking any material, apart from the contents of the feed, from this site without my written permission is, therefore, theft.The reason this site does not supply a full feed is to prevent the material presented here from being reproduced without my consent. WILL take action against anyone who copies material from this site and publishes it elsewhere without my WRITTEN consent.

My primary goal in writing this material is, however, to help other people so, under certain conditions, I will give permission for my work to be reproduced on other sites.

If you wish to reproduce my work you will need to email me with the details of exactly what you wish to reproduce and where you will be placing it.

If I give my consent it will be in writing. You will be expected to keep a copy of that consent to prove you are the person I approved to use the material.

If, in the future, a dispute should arise you will need to be able to produce a copy of my written consent to use my material.

If you fail to produce a copy of my written consent that failure will constitute legal evidence that I did NOT agree to your use of my material.

If I give consent to the use of my material on a website, and that site is subsequently sold or altered, I reserve the right to revoke my consent to the use of my work on that site.

Any reproduction of material from this site must contain a link to the original work.

I reserve the right to alter, or add, to this policy if the need arises.