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Test Results

I went back to the doctor for my test results.

While I was waiting I could clearly hear every word being said to the patient who was already in with the doctor and it turned out my doctor wasn’t actually even there.

No phone call to let me know, no option to cancel the appointment, just substituted another doctor and carried on. I heard the receptionist tell another person who came in that the missing doctor would be back the following week. I wanted my test results and I figured any doctor should be capable of delivering test results so I didn’t leave.

My turn came to see him and he was all the things I despise in a doctor! Paternalistic, arrogant, and dismissive.

He said I was diabetic and then, when I said the test I’d had done was not a fasting one, he said the results meant I was still just pre-diabetic and laughingly offered me an insincere apology for telling me I was diabetic without checking his facts first.

He said all the other tests had come back normal except for one. He said there is pus in my urine but they don’t know why. There is no infection, no sexually transmitted disease, the tests have not told us why.

Then he changed the subject and asked how the scalp medication was working. I said it has helped a lot but the condition has not been cured. He wrote a script for a new type of ointment and suggested I get my daughter to apply it.

When I presented the prescription to the chemist they said that ointment costs over sixty dollars! I said I’ll wait until I finish taking the pills. If I still have the problem then, I will get the prescription filled, and try the new ointment.

The doctor said to make an appointment to come back next week. I asked why and he looked surprised and amused that I would question him. He said, condescendingly, that he will want to know if the ointment works. Not another word about why there is pus in my urine!

I said if I make an appointment for next week I will be seeing my own doctor won’t I? He asked me why I thought that. I told him I heard the receptionist tell someone else my doctor will be back by next Friday. He smirked, shrugged, and said maybe but he wouldn’t count on it if he were me.

I walked out without making another appointment. Later in the week I got a text message informing me the practice is pleased to announce they now have a female doctor available.

I guess my doctor has gone.

I’m not going back to the moron I saw that day so I’m in limbo trying to decide what to do next.

I really hate the medical profession in general for the widespread practice it has of treating people like slabs of meat that are there for them to do as they please with and to hell with how it makes you feel. This was more of the same. They treat you as if you were a mushroom – keep you in the dark and feed you bullsh*t!

My first choice would be to never darken that clinic’s doors again for treating me with such disrespect. It’s not the first time I have responded to being treated this way by walking!

I’m supposed to be getting annual check ups at the hospital to be sure the thyroid cancer does not return but they make you wait for anything up to THREE HOURS for five minutes with a doctor who looks at your blood test results and tells you “so far so good see you next year”.

Last time it happened I spat the dummy and told them I won’t be back because I have better things to do with my time than sit in a waiting room for three hours.

I’d put up with it if they showed even a HINT of respect for their patients. I mean, come on, how hard is it to say “Just so you know, the doctor is running about (insert how long here) behind so there will be a bit of a wait.” when you check in?

Then you could go to the cafeteria and have the breakfast you didn’t have time to have or go for a walk or go buy a magazine while you wait instead of sitting there thinking any minute you will be called as your appointment time slowly recedes off into the long distant past.

The polite thing to do, the ETHICAL thing to do, when my medical practice realised my doctor would not be available to keep my appointment with him, would have been to call me, tell me he is away or he no longer works there, and ASK me if I am OK with seeing someone else.

I have six options now.

  1. Go back and see a doctor who told me there was pus in my urine and we don’t know why in a voice loud enough to ensure every person sitting in the waiting room, as well as all the receptionists, and even the random delivery truck driver, now knows I have pus in my urine. Then changed the subject and showed no further interest in finding out WHY there is pus in my urine.
  2. Go back and see if the new lady doctor is any good.
  3. Make an appointment at a new medical clinic close by where I now live and try and get my test results sent to them.
  4. Go back to my last doctor and try to get my test results sent to her. I stopped seeing her because she is too far away from where I live now.
  5. Do nothing and hope whatever is putting pus in my urine fixes itself.
  6. Pray that God will heal me of whatever is causing the problem.

I have no doubt at all that God can, and does, heal.

He healed me of a chronically recurring urine infection about 38 years ago and a chest infection in 2007. See entry titled “Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease” for the story of how the chest infection was healed and the entry titled “Latest developments” for medical test follow up results on that healing.

Those healings were God’s idea though and I have no idea how to go about persuading Him to heal this.

So I’m going with option seven – procrastinate until I can make a decision.


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