Frequently asked questions about Psychology.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Relationships

    This page contains the answers to some very common problems people have. If your problem is similar to one of those listed below then the answer to your problem is probably here. Relationship Questions Q. How can I make the person I am interested in notice or like me? A. There are two ways to make someone notice you. The first is to dress or behave in ways that attract attention. This can backfire and get you attention you don’t want or create an impression of you that is not good. The second, preferable, way is to show the person you like them by showing an interest in them. Ask questions…

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    International Criteria For Website Credibility

    The following is the criteria related to international best practice.  They are the features a website can implement to enhance the credibility of the information they offer. Kim likes to adhere to best practice policies and guidelines wherever possible so this page outlines how wordsbykim.com attempts to comply with these criteria. For more information on this topic go to: www.healthinsite.gov.au. MANDATORY ATTRIBUTES A policy that each resource is authored by a person or group with appropriate qualifications/experience (incl. Names or positions, qualifications, experience) All information contained on wordsbykim.com is authored by the owner of the website except where stated otherwise.  Kim, the owner, is a registered psychologist with eighteen years experience…

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology

    Many people only have a vague idea what psychology is about.  They don’t really know what a psychologist can do for them or what is involved in seeing one.  This page attempts to address at least some of those issues. What is a psychologist? A psychologist is someone who has fulfilled the requirements to become registered with the governing body of their state and country to legally practice the profession of psychology. The requirements may vary from one country to another but will include having at least six years worth of training and the appropriate university degrees. In most cases the six years worth of training will all be university…

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

    Many people only have a vague idea what therapy is about. They don’t really know what therapy can do for them or what is involved in having therapy.  This page attempts to address some of those issues. How do I choose someone to see? The most important thing to remember when choosing professional help is that you are a human being and so is your prospective treatment provider. You will face the same issue you face when selecting a friend or partner — personality. You may have to see several professionals before you find one you feel comfortable with. It is vital to realise this and not be discouraged if you…

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    How To Find An Entry You Want

    Have you arrived at this blog page from a search only to find the page has nothing to do with what you were looking for? If so you have arrived after the entry you seek has become an old entry and is no longer on the front page of the blog. I’m sorry about that but don’t despair.  The entry you want is here somewhere and it won’t be hard to find. If you look towards the top of this page you will see, on the left side of the menu bar, there are three vertical lines. On the right side of the menu bar there is a small magnifying glass…