Comments Policy

Comments Policy

Welcome to and my blog. In My Own Words is dedicated to all who struggle with the after effects of being abused as a child. If you are considering leaving a comment please do.

The first time you leave a comment it will not appear until I have approved it. Approval for genuine comments, subject to the rules mentioned below, is guaranteed. I will make every effort to approve new commenter’s as soon as possible. Once I have approved your first comment you will be able to leave subsequent comments any time and they will appear straight away.

If, however, you leave a link in your comment I will not be able to approve your comment until I have examined that site.

Links to other sites will be scrutinized with great care and will not be approved unless they offer something I believe will be of value or interest to readers of that page.

Yes – it is censorship – I am not interested in links for the sake of links.  I want every part of this site to be as useful to visitors as possible.  I have no intention of allowing a link to any site I think is spam, porn, a scam or goes against my own morals, values and beliefs.  I plan to be very selective about who is permitted to associate themselves with me via links from me to them.

I do not have to like, or agree with, your opinion for it to be approved to appear on this site – I believe in free speech. If your point is good enough it may even change my opinion.

I do, however, have to like or agree with at least some of your sites content before I will be willing to let someone get to it from here!

Whilst I am a great believer in free speech there are some rules on this site when it comes to comments.

  1. This site is, in a sense, my home so please do not deface it with foul language. Such postings will be treated as graffiti and either be cleaned up (offensive words taken out) or they will be deleted entirely.
  2. I will not permit abuse or bad manners on this site so comments that are rude, insulting, defamatory or “flame” me or any other commenter will be deleted.
  3. I will not be accepting PAID advertisements on this site so FREE advertising in the form of linksĀ  to sites that are selling something is unlikely.
  4. Comments with such links will only be approved if you are selling something I consider useful or you have something on the site of value to readers of the entry you are linking to.
  5. I reserve the right to add other rules if it becomes obvious to me they are necessary.
  6. Suggestions welcomed.