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Week 8 Post Weight Loss Surgery

It’s been almost eight weeks since I had weight loss surgery in the form of a gastric sleeve and I am afraid I may have made a terribly costly mistake.

The surgery cost me over seventeen thousand dollars which came out of my superannuation and it is starting to look as if I have just completely wasted that money.

The first week and a half to two weeks after surgery were great. I was losing about a kilo a day and all the fluid that had been pooling in my feet and ankles went away but I lost a total of eight kilos and then it stopped.

For the period of time that I was losing weight I was on a liquid diet and all I could eat was soup and icy poles but a few days before the end of the second week I started eating mashed potato and high sugar “Greek style yogurt” as well as ice creams and toast.

I couldn’t eat more than a few mouthfuls of food at a time but I tended to wait until those mouthfuls were digested then eat a few more and continue the process until the serving was all gone.

As soon as I started eating the carbohydrates I started to retain fluid again and I put a kilo back on.

I tried to pull back on the eating and I have managed to lose that kilo again but it has now been six more weeks and I have not lost an ounce since the original loss.

They say there is a plateau early in the process while the body tries to stop the rapid weight loss and is adjusting to the new diet but this has been going on for six weeks now. I’m afraid my body has simply learned to get by on less calories and it will start putting weight back on again no matter how much less I eat.

I have decided to go on a weight loss food plan to see if the problem is what, or how much, I am still eating or if there is something screwed up about my metabolism.

The plan is to stick to the diet, which provides less than 1200 calories per day, for at least two weeks and if I still don’t lose any weight then I will talk to my doctor about what the hell is causing this.

I start the diet after my first food delivery tomorrow.

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