Was Angelina Jolie Molested
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Was Angelina Jolie Molested?

I’m really only exposed to bits and pieces of celebrity gossip due to my lack of interest but I read the latest news about Angeline Jolie with concern.  Angelina is quoted as saying she was “very sexual in kindergarten“, that she created a game where she would kiss a boy, “Then we would make out and we would take our clothes off.”

My first thought was, if this is true, Angelina was molested as a child.  In those few sentences Angelina has displayed symptoms listed in this checklist of signs that a child is developing abnormally.

I have taken very little notice of Angelina Jolie over the years.  All I really knew about her was that people said she was very weird.

I had visions of being the first to voice the idea, in this entry, that Angelina Jolie was sexually molested as a child but then I did some research.  It seems the rumours have been going around for a long time with people saying her split with her father, Jon Voight, is due to him having molested her.

Others believe she has had an incestuous relationship with her brother thanks to a kiss she gave him when she won an award in 2000.  Angelina is said to have accused people who thought her passionate kiss was incestual of being sick minded.

I’m not about to start guessing who has done what to Angelina but she is acting, and talking, like someone who was molested as a child.  That is, of course, her business but one thing bothers me about all this and it bothers me a lot.

Angelina, in saying she was very sexual in kindergarten, is playing right into the hands of every paedophile in the world.  She seems to be saying she wanted sexual activity as a small child.  This is precisely what paedophiles believe and want the world to believe!  In saying this she has made herself a “Poster Child” for the worlds paedophiles to use against children.

If she really believes she wanted sex, and there was nothing wrong with her wanting sex, at approximately four years of age then I am concerned about the safety of the children she is accumulating!  If Angelina Jolie believes she wanted sex as a child she is likely to believe her children will also want sex at a young age.

Angelina has admitted to cutting herself as a teen and combining sex with violence and bloodshed.

“I had started having sex with my boyfriend and the sex and the emotions didn’t feel enough.  I was no longer a little girl. In a moment of wanting to feel closer to my boyfriend I grabbed a knife and cut him. He cut me back,” she is reported to have said, “We had an exchange of something and we were covered in blood, my heart was racing. Then whenever I felt trapped, I’d cut myself. I have a lot of scars.”

This is precisely why children should not be introduced to sex too young!  Sexual activity hurts children and causes them to develop abnormally.

Angelina seems to believe ordinary sex is something you do when you are a “little girl” and it was not, therefore, enough to make her feel really close to someone.  She needed to spill her partners blood and have him spill hers to make sex special.

For most people sex is as intimate and close as it is possible to get to someone else.  For Angelina Jolie it was childish.  Exchanging bodies was not enough – she needed to exchange their life source – their blood.

What, I very much want to know, will it take for Angelina Jolie to feel close to her children???

According to gossip, Angelina is not able to feel as much for her own flesh and blood as she feels for her adopted children.

Many victims of child molestation fear becoming parents.  However much they may be convinced their abuse was their own fault, or choice, there is a part of them that resists becoming like their abuser(s).  Child molesters have no qualms about sex with children but they can sometimes find the idea of incest a little harder to make excuses for.

I’m not saying Angelina Jolie is a child molester.  I am saying there is cause for serious concern when ANYONE describes ANY kindergarten aged child as “very sexual”.

How would people be reacting to her behaviour and these things she is saying if she were a male?  How would people be viewing a kindergarten boy who forced kisses on his classmates and made them get naked so he could “make out” with them?

During my brief research into this topic I found people on forums saying, over and over again, that “Children are very sensual” and this is taken as having the same meaning as sexual.

Children are sensual – they are NOT sexual!

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary the word sensual has two main meanings.  They are as follows:

1.  Of sense or sensation.

2.  Of or depending on the senses only and not on the intellect or spirit, carnal, fleshly.

The second meaning goes on to expound about “sensual pleasures” and it is there that the sexual aspect of the word comes into play.

Children are sensual in that their whole world is made up of their five senses.  It is for this reason they like to touch, taste, look, listen, and speak.  They are also sensual in the second meaning of the word in that they depend WHOLLY on their senses and not at all on their intellect or spirit.

They do not, therefore, understand the consequences of anything they do and must be protected from those consequences until they have learned enough to take care of themselves.

Children like to touch but who would say that is a good enough reason to let them touch fire?

Children like to taste but who would say their wish to taste is a good enough reason to let them taste poison or put a razor blade in their mouth?

Just because a child wants to look, touch or taste, does not mean they are ready to experience being used, infected with sexually transmitted diseases, bruised, torn, or taught things that will turn them into someone society believes is “weird”.

No child deserves to be subjected to experiences that leave them needing to shed blood to feel close to someone they love!

Angelina Jolie exhibits all the symptoms of someone who was introduced to sex at far too young an age.  Her activities in kindergarten are the behaviour of a child who is “acting out” sexual behaviour in an attempt to make sense of it.

Angelina Jolie was not a sexy preschooler, she was a sexualized preschooler, there is a difference.  The sooner the world stops using children sexually and believing they want sex the sooner we will stop having people who cut themselves to cope with feeling trapped!

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  • Moonmyst

    I know one thing for sure about Angelina Jolie. She is an actor — a person who thrives on attention. I personally don’t put too much stock into what actors say. It is their nature to be entertaining or shocking to get people interested in them.

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