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MCI Technologies And Startrader

Found this little brochure in my mailbox today and I was curious.  Why do they tell me nothing apart from it could be my turn to become a millionaire and why do they want me to call them?  I got on the internet and looked up MCI Technologies.

MCI Technologies Inside

I found out they are selling a software package that tells you what stocks to invest in and it is these investments that are supposed to make you rich.  I found out there are several such software packages and theirs is the most expensive.  I found out they have been the subject of many complaints.

Like Stores Online and Galaxy Mall, it appears the scam is that they are selling you something you can buy elsewhere for a tiny fraction of their asking price.  I gather they, like Stores Online and Galaxy Mall, use hard sell pressure techniques and refuse to refund your money once they get it.

They are, quite clearly, making an awful lot of profit.  How else could they afford to print these brochures and pay for them to be delivered to every house?  If the software they are selling really can do what they claim why are they not using it to turn themselves into billionaires?  Why are they trying to flog it off to me and everyone else?

If it really is creating 400 new Australian millionaires every week how come the news is not being reported anywhere in the media?  The news teams start frothing at the mouth every time a new weight loss pill hits the market so I am sure even one person who made it into the list of Australian millionaires via this product would have them beating down the door to interview someone – anyone – about it.

The first couple of pages on this forum thread (link removed as it is broken) about MCI Technologies and their product, now called Startrader, is a mess so I am linking (link broken) to the thread a bit further in where the posts have not been replicated over and over again to confuse and put the reader off reading.  For those of you who don’t feel like doing any serious reading I am including just two of the posts from the site, verbatim, as a kind of sample of what is being said about this company.

“MCI Startrader and being conned

Well I’m only disappointed that I was not aware of Grumbletext last year when I purchased Strartrader from their offices in Mayfair, London.

The salesperson did an excellent job of convincing me that without further evaluation and only 20 minutes. Startrader would give me investment alerts to act upon. I asked if I had to do any further analysis, “no most definitely not” she said. (I know, I should have smelt a rat, but greed (mine) tends to overwrite common sense).

Obviously after testing the software and realising I had been duped I contacted the Customer Service manager for a refund…. well what a waste of dialogue that was, his initial response was to take me to court if I tried to complain about MCI technologies publicly, and from there it went downhill.

Well anyway there is no point at present going on too much as others before me on this site (and other sites) have adequately pointed out the lies espoused from this company.

I have lost my money now, so that’s tough, but if this message reaches somebody thinking about buying it and puts them off well it was worth posting this message.

Cheers JJ007″

“MCI Technologies and Star Trader

Two and a half years ago I lost my job and decided that at my age I should concentrate on stock trading. I am a dedicated Macophile and was increasingly annoyed with Virtual PC crashiong my computer. Somehow I received in the mail a brochure about Startrader. I phoned them to ask specifically whether the software was designed for Macintosh OS. The salesperson replied “Oh yes, we have been in business for 25 years and the software is designed to work on Macintosh computers. I told them my hassle with other charting software needing Virtual PC and crashing my computer. If the program was designed for Mac the price was not too high. I went to the Gold Coast office to see the software in operation. They showed me on a PC but said it worked the same on a Mac.

At no time before my purchase was it mentioned that I would still require Virtual PC. I was emphatic that I would not use Virtual PC again and made sure that Kimberley Peters wrote my operating system was Mac OS X.

I received the software and the box did not mention the operating system required. Once it had been opened the information was there alright, OS required was Windows. I phoned to let them know of a mistake to be told there was no mistake, I needed Virtual PC to operate on a Mac. There was a flurry of emails and no refund would be given although they offered me an old PC free. I told them I would never give house room to a PC and its attendant problems. If I was to spend regular time at a computer it would only be at one of my own choosing. At the time I had a Powerbook Titanium. I lived in a small city apartment and had no room for two computers especially as I had given my 9500 PowerMac and tower to a friend.

MCI Technologies sales staff blatantly lied to me as I had asked a specific question, “Was the software designed for Macintosh operating systems?”

Sure I feel like a fool but a poor fool who doesn’t have the clout to get proper redress.

They are not licensed financial advisers and are unethical. The Australian government is not much bothered by their activities because presumably they benefit from income taxes. The only value in Australia that is clearly understood by all is that if you have a complaint about a person or company with money you better be able to match them to achieve justice. Customers are “punters’ or ‘marks’. We no longer have enforceable rights.

Their actions and my waste of $6,100 sent me into a spiralling depression and also lost my apartment.

I may have been a fool but please everybody else, steer clear of this nasty unethical company.


If you get this brochure in your mailbox you now know what it’s all about.  I, for one, intend to take the above people’s advice and have nothing to do with this company. This post is designed to spread the word – buyer beware!


  • tony

    Thats 20,800 new millionaires that they help produce a year. That seems quite a high number to me.

    Thinks its a bit like the old wives tale “If it sounds too good to be true, It is”

  • exemployee

    I was an employee back in 1998 and they were called Micro corporation the program was called the Blue chip trader we were never allowed to buy it because we were employees

  • Kim

    Sounds like they scam their employees too then since most companies like their employees to try the product they are selling. It makes them more effective at selling it if they believe in it.

    This company obviously don’t want their employees to know they are selling a scam so they keep them from trying it.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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