Sex And Children
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Children And Sex

I have a deep seated loathing for Freud.  I prefer to refer to him as Fraud because I believe he is responsible for so much damage with his theories about seductive children.  His theories still make people wonder if children make up stories about being molested.  Thanks to him fathers and mothers continue to think it is possible that their son or daughter is trying to seduce them when nothing could be further from the truth!  Any pre-adolescent child who seems to be inviting sexual activity is either being molested, being exposed to pornography, or being misinterpreted.

Freud had a couple of clients who came to him saying their father’s were molesting them.  He believed them and it wasn’t long before he got a lot more women coming to him complaining of the same experience.  At some point, for some reason, he chose to stop believing them.  Some people say it was because some of the incestuous fathers put pressure on him.  Some say it was because his sister came to him as a victim and he couldn’t bring himself to believe his own father was doing such things.  Whatever his reasons were it doesn’t matter.  He stopped believing the stories of incest and began to develop a theory of incestuous fantasy in children.

In a world where a female child was unlikely to ever even SEE a penis before she was married, Fraud came up with penis envy, the theory that little girls want to possess this organ so they fantasize about having the one attached to their father.

Oedipus and Electra – children who want to possess their parents sexually – adult desires to use children for sex are justified by pointing to Fraud’s theories that children want sex!

It’s a dreadfully tangled web because once someone uses a child sexually there is a phenomenon called “acting out”.  A child will behave sexually once they have been introduced to sex and this is often used to blame the child for abuse or accuse them of wanting the abuse.  It is one of the things child molesters use to justify and excuse their behaviour.

The fact is – a child will not act out sexual behaviour until AFTER they have been introduced to it.  Sex does NOT come naturally to children until it is triggered in them by the hormonal changes of adolescence.

Infant boys will touch themselves and have spontaneous erections but all children touch all parts of their bodies at some point or other.  There is nothing sexual about it.  If the behaviour is left alone it will be no more meaningful than any other self-touching.

Sex is a normal part of human development and, like all human activity, it comes to us at a certain stage in our lives.  If children are left alone sexually they do not get interested in performing sex acts until adolescence.  They will ask questions related to sex and show interest in learning about it but they will not act out what they are told without encouragement to do so.

Children want to grow and learn and play.  Adults want sex.  One of the ways adults use to get sex from children is to use their natural curiosity against them.  They show them pornography then offer to let the child act out what they have seen.  If you can teach a child to use the toilet by letting them see you use it you can also teach a child how to perform sex acts by letting them see sex acts.  This is why it is illegal to have children in the room when you have sex or show them pornography.

We are born with sexual equipment but that equipment lies dormant and asleep until it is awakened.  Nature has designed it to remain dormant until it is stimulated and there are only two ways to stimulate it – hormones or other people.

Any child who is not experiencing the hormonal changes of adolescence will have no sexual desires provided nobody awakens their sexual equipment sooner than it was designed to be awakened.

People who want to have sex with children believe it is alright to awaken the child’s sexual interest.  They believe it is only harmful to a child because society makes it harmful.

They are very wrong.

Put an infant in one of those contraptions that allows them to walk before nature intends them to do so and see what happens.  If they spend too much time in the contraption it will affect their ability to walk naturally when the time comes for them to do so.  The infant in such a contraption walks by using their toes to push themselves around.  The tendons at the back of their feet can tighten because of that and, when they try to walk naturally, they will try to walk on their toes.  If a child learns to walk too soon, therefore, they will not walk naturally.  They will learn to walk in an unhealthy, unnatural, problematic way.

Introduce a child to sex too soon and a whole range of things they are supposed to learn before they become sexually active do not get learned.  They learn, instead, a whole range of things they are never supposed to learn.  Like the fact that sex is the most important thing in the world – more important than any person.  The child who learns about sex too soon will not have a natural sex life.  They will have an unhealthy, unnatural, problematic sex life.

The other day I was watching a show about stars like Elvis Presley and other singers of his era.  They interviewed someone who had worked with Elvis.  He talked about how Elvis saved his life by not killing him.  He was an old man but he talked like he was about the age I am guessing he was when he learned about sex – around eight or ten but he may well have had his first experience even younger.  He spoke about how women were always all over him and one day one of them appeared in the company of Elvis.  As soon as Elvis went to perform she carted him off to the car to have sex with him.  Elvis caught them, called him a little boy and sent him off without killing him, without even being angry with him.

He was a small boy at the time.  I know because he described how much smaller than Elvis he was and how he had to crane his head back looking up at him.  He is still greatful to Elvis for not killing him and still proud of the fact he had one of the women Elvis had before Elvis had her.  It did not occur to him to be angry about the terror he described feeling as she molested him.  Terror over the thought that Elvis might catch him and kill him.

He has no idea Elvis could not, should not, and clearly did not blame him for the actions of the woman who molested him.  He has no idea she broke the law when she had sex with him.  He has no idea he did nothing to make that happen – she was a child molester.  He is convinced he was irresistible as a young man.  He has no idea all those women came to him because they knew he would not tell on them.  They knew he would do as he was told.  They knew they could use him without getting into trouble.

All he could talk about was sex.  His world focussed on how irresistible he was to women and he spoke like he was still a little boy.  I watched this old man speak of his “conquests” and I felt sad for him.  He smirked like a proud little boy when he talked about the women who molested him.  He has no idea how repulsive his obsession with sex is.

He doesn’t understand he was abused.  Elvis understood it as his behaviour shows but this man still has no idea.  He is old and alone with his sexual obsession and his twisted, distorted, beliefs about love and sex.

People talk about sex addiction.  Only people who have been introduced to sex too young develop that particular addiction!  People with that addiction end up alone because they can’t relate to other people in a mature, healthy, non-sexual way.

The proof that your son or daughter is, or has been, molested is contained in their sexual behaviour.  Unmolested children do not act sexually.  Children do not know about sex until they are taught.  Children do not want sex until after they have been taught to want it or taught to act as if they want it.

Human sexual equipment is designed to work when certain things are done and, if those things are done, the equipment will work whether the owner of that equipment likes it or not.  If the owner of the equipment is a child they can be trained to believe the fact that the equipment is working is proof they like what is happening.

It is not until they have the experience of the equipment working naturally that they realise they have been lied to.  The first time someone experiences sexual desire that is triggered by hormones they discover how it feels to genuinely want sex and they realise, sometimes only subconsciously, that they didn’t really want it before then.

The reason so much child molestation comes to light when children become adolescents is that nature kicks in then and they realise how ripped off they have been.  They realise how much the adult has been getting that they did not get.  They begin to question all the lies the adult had been telling them like how they want it and how they like it and how they asked for it and they get angry about being suckered and used so they speak up.  Once their hormones kick in they realise the difference between what they want and what they have been getting.

There is not, unfortunately, a lot of difference between an orgasm that comes from abuse and an orgasm that comes from genuine desire.  Children who experience orgasm from abuse have more trouble recognising they were abused but, just like the man Elvis didn’t kill, they are still damaged by having been introduced to sex too soon.

When adults introduce children to sex before their hormones have made them ready for it they injure children, boys as well as girls, and make it impossible for them to develop normally.

When Fraud invented his theories about seductive children he gave countless child molesters an excuse to injure countless children.  He tied the hands of countless people who could have, and would have, protected those children if they had realised that children DON’T want sex, DON’T seek sex, and DON’T seduce adults.

I despise him for that!

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