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They are doing it again!  Once again a company is messing with a product I like.  Why do they do that?  This happens to me so often, so regularly, that my daughter hesitates to buy anything I recommend.  She hates the way it tends to disappear from the shelves as soon as she starts to depend on it.  It drives me nuts.


This time it’s Papa Guiseppe’s frozen pizza!  I like their Hawaiian frozen pizza.  I like the base sauce.  This is not the first time they have messed with the product.  Last time they altered their packaging and made all the pizza’s look like the Hawaiian.

They suckered me with that once.  I bought two supreme’s thinking they were Hawaiians.  I ate one slice of one pizza, threw the rest out even though I was still hungry, and gave the other pizza away.  I did not like it.  I took to putting my glasses on and checking carefully before buying their pizza’s after that.

I don’t care much for frozen pizza usually.  They tend to be pretty ho-hum and skimpy with the toppings but I like Papa Guiseppe’s frozen Hawaiian pizza.  Now they have taken it off the shelves completely.  I have not been able to buy it for months.  All other varieties are still available but not the one I like.

Why do they do that?  Am I some one in a billion customer who buys things nobody else likes?  Or is it, as I suspect, that I am not the only one who does not like their other varieties?

I think the Hawaiian accounts for most of their frozen pizza sales and it is driving them nuts.  I think some numbskull in some corporate meeting said:

“How come we make such a huge profit on the Hawaiian pizza’s and barely break even on the other varieties?  We must make good pizza’s or we would not be doing so well with the Hawaiian’s.  Those Hawaiian pizza lovers out there are clearly uneducated and unaware of how nice all our other varieties are.  Let’s take the Hawaiian off the market for a few months and force them to try some of our other varieties so we can start making the same sales on those that we make on the Hawaiian’s.”

Could someone please go and kick that twit and all the other bozo’s who agreed that, quite obviously, we consumers are simply too dumb to know how good all the other varieties are?

HELLO!  I’m not stupid.  If I find a product I like I do try the companies other offerings and I did try their other varieties when I first found the Hawaiian and liked it.


Their ploy, if that is what it is, to make me try their other varieties has only resulted in me trying a McCain’s Hawaiian frozen pizza instead.  I had it tonight.  It was ho-hum.  I miss the nice tangy sauce base of the other brand and that is lucky for Papa Guiseppe because when they bring theirs back on the market I will start buying frozen pizza again.

Until then I will go without frozen pizza.  If I find a suitable alternative Papa Guiseppe may lose my custom altogether because I get mad when companies stuff me around like this.

Drive laundry detergent has done it.  They have lost me.  I have been using them for almost 30 years.  Started using them when someone came to my door and tried to sell me Amway laundry detergent.  They demonstrated how much better than my detergent theirs was and let slip the information that Drive was the only supermarket detergent that was able to hold it’s own in their demonstrations.

I have been buying Drive ever since.  They have made many changes but I have stuck with them through thick and thin – literally.  Now they have gone too far.  They have taken the refills off the market.  I frown on their lack of concern for my pocket, their consumers and the environment and I suspect their product is not as good as it used to be any more anyway.  I doubt it would still give Amway a run for its money these days.

Last time I went shopping I bought a different brand.  Too bad, so sad, they lost a customer and are unlikely to get me back even if they return refills to the shelves.


The good news, however, is Kimberly Clark – makers of Wondersoft toilet tissue – has heard my plea for a strong toilet paper and have released “Soft and Strong” Wondersoft.  I was a bit sceptical but my longing for strong toilet paper won me over and I bought a 16 roll pack of it.  I have to say – it is not really very soft but it IS strong so I am not about to complain hehehe.

I am now on my ninth roll of this brand and it has been wonderful.  I have not had to pick a single toilet paper dag from my bum since I began using it.  I must admit it is a bit rough and I have suffered, after particularly vigorous wiping, a “ring of fire” but that calms down pretty quick.  I am so happy I don’t have to pick those horrid balls of toilet tissue off my bum or fanny after wiping any more.

I wonder if they could add some aloe vera to soothe the ring of fire effect or would that weaken the tissue?

How many rolls of toilet tissue would I need to buy to see me through the rest of my life I wonder?  I better buy them while they are on the shelves.  This is another product they are likely to stop making as soon as I get used to being able to get it!

There probably isn’t too many other people who would prefer a ring of fire to toilet paper dags after all.

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