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The Devil Is In The Details

How is it possible for adult human beings to steer humanity to it’s destruction and do it for the sake of money which they won’t be able to spend from their graves? Do they think the money they make will buy them a spot on a spaceship to some other planet after they destroy Earth? Or do the dollar signs just blind them to everything else including how THEY and THEIR loved ones will survive once they kill this Earth?

I find it hard to believe human beings are really that stupid. I think Satan has his hands over their eyes and ears and they are letting him whisper sweet nothings to them so they can stay deaf and blind to what is really happening.

The rich keep getting richer regardless of the cost to the earth and the creatures on it and they are working tirelessly to shut down any voice of reason.

“There is NO SUCH THING as climate change”, they insist, “It’s a lie designed to interfere with our right to make money (from the deliberate destruction of the earth, it’s waters, and the air we breathe)!”

Mining, clear felling, hunting endangered species, bottom clearing the ocean floor – every action has a consequence and we are starting to see what they are.

Cancer, for example, it is common these days. When I was young, a mere 20 or 30 years ago, cancer was rare! I was 30 years old before I ever knew anyone who had it and then it was just one person and it was years before I even heard of anyone else.

Now I have had it, two workmates have died of it, several members of my family have died of it and that doesn’t include all the celebrities who have disclosed having it!

The links between cancer and pollution, processed foods, and smoking have always been clear but governments were not interested in taking on big business so now we are paying the price and now, now that it’s everywhere and lots of people are dying from it, things are changing but even then money is dictating how.

Public opinion changed as cancer began to touch every life – we all know someone who has it or has had it or has died from it now so we looked for something to blame and government pointed the finger at smoking. They could do that because they had found another way to profit from nicotine so they made a big show of taking on the tobacco companies, raised the price of cigarettes to outrageous heights to persuade people to quit, and subsidized quit smoking programmes, help lines, pills, gum and patches.

Here’s a truth you won’t find on any government site – nicotine is the addictive substance not tobacco – people are now getting addicted to gum, patches, inhalants etc. and government is ENCOURAGING IT! I speak from experience. I quit cold turkey almost 20 months ago and I signed up to a government run quit smoking site that sent SMS messages of encouragement and had quizzes to see how well I was doing. MONTHS after my nicotine addiction was overcome they were STILL encouraging me to use aids such as pills, patches, inhalers or gum to cope. They didn’t stop until I withdrew from the programme.

“Meat IS good for you”, the factory farmers insist, “factory farmed animals are NOT being abused and evidence to the contrary was illegally obtained”, and then they focus on trying to make it impossible to get such evidence in the future.

“Poker machines and gambling in general is harmless fun”, they insist and argue that the shame and fault lie with those who get addicted not the industry. They don’t want to talk about the psychological tricks they play on poker machine players to hook them and keep them hooked and playing no matter how much damage it is doing to them, their families, and their lives.

They also don’t want to talk about all the small creatures who suffer during live baiting greyhound training. They claimed it was only a few bad trainers but it has been exposed as industry wide and common. They kept real quiet about the crazy number of greyhounds and horses who are bred each year, judged “too slow” and discarded, who then get sent to inhumane deaths as “industry wastage”.

When those truths were exposed recently they responded with attempts to pass laws that would punish those who expose things they don’t want us to know.

I watch with disbelief as businesses deliberately rush to their own doom in their pursuit of the almighty dollar and drag the rest of humanity, albeit some of us kicking and screaming, over the precipice with them.

I want to go to those boardrooms or into those gold-plated bathrooms and shake some sense into them. “Maybe YOU will have a good life and escape the consequences during your life span but your children or your grandchildren or, at the very latest I fear, your great grandchildren will pay a terrible price for the money you are making right now!”

I know they have gold plated bathrooms. I have seen them on lifestyles of the rich and famous. I have seen enough to fully understand why Jesus said it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven.

One day the man who bathed in a gold plated tub is going to be reconnected to the creator from which he (and all the children who starved because the money to feed them was lining his tub) came. The moment he is reconnected he will receive all of the memories from every life his tub cost. Every child who died because he chose to line his tub with gold instead of sending food to feed them will share their memories of how it felt to starve to death with him when God calls an end to this life and judgement day begins.

God will not have to send us to fiery pits of hell – our own shame and guilt will savage us worse than any demon from hell could ever do as we live with the memories of every creature we harmed, or permitted to be harmed, whether human or animal.

Watch the videos of animals being tortured for their flesh and understand this – if you find it hard to watch you better do SOMETHING to escape having to LIVE THROUGH IT YOURSELF on judgement day! Not once, not twice, EVERY SINGLE animal whose flesh you consumed will share it’s memories of living and dying with you when we are all reconnected to our creator. If that isn’t true hell I don’t know what is! You won’t be able to call God mean or cruel or blame Him in any way either because you will know you are suffering the consequences of your own deliberate choices!

If you want to keep eating animals I suggest you work towards ensuring the awful memories don’t exist and they share memories of pleasant days followed by an unending sleep with you when the time comes!

I tremble when I think of all the sea creatures memories I will have to suffer through because I have not yet been able to stop eating fish but I have sought, and been forgiven, for all the other creatures I ever consumed so I’ll be OK – will you?

I don’t have a gold plated tub. I would never spend money on outrageously priced rubbish like that. You couldn’t give me leather or fur and I wouldn’t touch Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Dior, YSL, D&G, Cartier, Louie Vuitton or any of the other over priced rubbish with a ten foot barge pole! If you gave me a three figure item of name brand clothing, furniture, or jewellery I would be ASHAMED to keep it! I would sell it and donate the money because I would not be able to bear the thought of how much misery I might have to live through on judgement day if I kept it!

I don’t live the high life. I donate to three charities, I have given up smoking and drinking diet coke to try and please God but I still lie awake sweating at night sometimes because I have far more than I need to survive and I know that is costing someone, somewhere, a lot of misery which I will have to endure when we are reconnected to God.

When I think about what the people in power are going to face on judgement day I actually feel sorry for them! Meanwhile insanity rules and they continue to trash our future for a dollar.

“Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

Cree Indian Prophecy

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