• Hurt The Ones They Love
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    Why They Hurt The Ones They Love

    Why does someone repeatedly hurt someone they claim to love? How is it possible for someone to break bones and even kill their partner and still believe they love them? This article tries to shed some light on these questions. Most articles about family violence and abusive relationships focus on educating the targets of violence and abuse about such relationships. In this article I want to focus more on the person performing family violence and on something that has become apparent to me about these relationships. Research has shown one of the main reasons why people put up with abuse in their relationships is pity. The person who is being…

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    About Abusive People

    If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked the following questions I would be a very rich woman. “Why do people treat me badly?” “Why do people behave the way they do?” “Why do people use other people?” “Why does someone hurt the people they are supposed to love?” “Why can’t people respect other people?” “Why does an abuser always blame someone else?” “Why can’t people admit when they are wrong?” “Why do people turn into abusers? People often want to know why people use and abuse others. The first four questions listed above are all very similar and can be expressed as why does someone hurt…

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    Abusers Are People Too.

    Please don’t ever think abusive people are heartless.  They are not.  I have heard their hearts breaking and their pain is real.  Even more, perhaps, than the average person whose partner walks out.  The abusive person works so hard to gain control over their partner that they are shattered beyond belief when she or he gets away despite everything they have done to ensure that won’t happen. My heart bleeds for them sometimes.  They swear they never hit their partner, never laid a hand on them, and I believe that in some cases. What they don’t understand is you don’t have to actually hit someone to be an abuser.  There…