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    How To Ask Kim For Advice

    Asking For Help or Advice. Visitors are able to ask me for help by using the “Contact” form, directly on the Advice page, or by email to kim(at)wordsbykim.com but be aware the help I can give is VERY limited. Getting help from a psychologist is not the same as asking a friend for advice. A friend will give whatever advice comes to mind based on what you say about the problem. A psychologist wants to know as much detail as possible because a lot of things make a difference to the sort of direction a person may need to take to solve their problems. Step One To ask for help…

  • Advice By Kim


    Kim Answers Questions About Life, Love, People and Problems. Kim is a qualified, registered, practising psychologist who gives people answers to questions about their problems free of charge on Words By Kim. Below are requests for help Kim has received from, and the answers she has given to, people who agreed to have their requests published on this site. Kim has had many other requests for help from people who did not want their issues to be made public and Kim has honoured those wishes. Before asking Kim for help or advice you need to read the conditions that apply and the information she will need both of which are…