More About Kim

Treatment Philosophy

Kim has a strong humanistic leaning in her treatment philosophy and she favours the Rogerian perspective on human development however she has an eclectic approach to treatment and is very much outcome focussed. She uses strengths based therapy, solution focussed therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, role-modeling and behaviour management and is very much a believer in the power of life skills training.


In addition to her professional training Kim has a wealth of life experiences to draw on when addressing the problems people come to her for help with. Kim was molested as a child, ran away and lived on the streets as a teen. She has been raped and gang raped and she became a single parent at 19. She raised two children — one of each sex, was married for 13 years and went through the agony of divorce. She lost a sister to sudden death and a stepson to suicide and she has been suicidal herself. She has suffered poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety and, more recently, endured PTSD, a gambling addiction and cancer.

Kim firmly believes everything she has lived through is an additional qualification for her work with other people. She believes it is easier to understand the road someone else is walking when you have traveled that road yourself. This does not mean she considers herself better than other therapists. She has never, for example, had a drinking problem but she is fully competent to help someone who does. It is not necessary to have had a problem to know how to treat it but people often feel more comfortable accepting help from someone who has experienced the problem they are having.

Memberships And Registration

Kim is a registered Psychologist and is licensed to practise. She is not a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) due to a lack of funds. She was, however, a member of the APS and she continues to adhere to their principles, ethics and guidelines for the practise of psychology.

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