Reason to Live Wall

A Reason To Live Wall

The aim of this wall is to give those who do have a reason to go on living a chance to share their reason with those who have none of their own. With your help we might be able to give suicidal people something to help them carry on. Maybe they can take your reason for living and use it as a reason to keep going themselves.

You do not need to be logged in to add a comment to this wall but, to prevent abuse and spam, your comment will not appear until it has been approved. This wall is for people who may be in a fragile state of mind so comments will be “cleaned up” if they contain language that may be offensive or links to questionable sites

Every day there are thousands of people all over the world who can’t think of a single good reason to go on living. Each human being is unique, one of a kind, totally irreplaceable and suicide is a dreadful waste of human potential. Help is available. The suicidal person just needs to live long enough to find it but that can be hard to do when you feel nobody cares and there is no hope.

If you are suicidal, read the wall, know it was created to give you encouragement, a bit of hope or the incentive you need to keep trying. Know that every person who added their own reason to live here was thinking of you and added it in the hope it would help you go on in the face of your despair and exhaustion.

Know that people DO care, you DO matter, you CAN be helped and call your doctor, a counsellor or your local suicide help line.

Reach out and touch someone today.

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starr starr wrote on December 28, 2011 at 1:31 pm
Reasons to live...
Because I'm afraid of what would happen if I was successful killing myself.
Because I'm afraid of what would happen if I was unsuccessful.
Because my parents marriage would fall apart if they lost another child.
Because my family would blame themselves.
Because I want to see what the future holds.
Because if I'm dead I would have solved nothing.
Because you only get one chance at life.
Because if I kill myself evil has won.
Because I want to see what I can accomplish.
Because my dogs wouldn't understand and may feel abandoned.
Because I don't want my spirit to be trapped in a state of unrest.
Because I don't want my family to find me dead.
Because I don't want my family to have to pay for a funeral.
Because I want to feel the summer sun again.
Because I want to take my puppies camping and to the farmers market.
Because I want to travel around the world.
Because I want to just once finish a writing a book.
Because I want to learn to surf, snowboard, go deep sea diving, jump out of an airplane.
Because I would be setting a horrible example for my God children.
Because the kingdom of God is within me and i don't want to desecrate this temple.
Because I want to be a mom one day.
Because I love my family.
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