Reason to Live Wall

A Reason To Live Wall

The aim of this wall is to give those who do have a reason to go on living a chance to share their reason with those who have none of their own. With your help we might be able to give suicidal people something to help them carry on. Maybe they can take your reason for living and use it as a reason to keep going themselves.

You do not need to be logged in to add a comment to this wall but, to prevent abuse and spam, your comment will not appear until it has been approved. This wall is for people who may be in a fragile state of mind so comments will be “cleaned up” if they contain language that may be offensive or links to questionable sites

Every day there are thousands of people all over the world who can’t think of a single good reason to go on living. Each human being is unique, one of a kind, totally irreplaceable and suicide is a dreadful waste of human potential. Help is available. The suicidal person just needs to live long enough to find it but that can be hard to do when you feel nobody cares and there is no hope.

If you are suicidal, read the wall, know it was created to give you encouragement, a bit of hope or the incentive you need to keep trying. Know that every person who added their own reason to live here was thinking of you and added it in the hope it would help you go on in the face of your despair and exhaustion.

Know that people DO care, you DO matter, you CAN be helped and call your doctor, a counsellor or your local suicide help line.

Reach out and touch someone today.

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SuicideIsNotTheSolution SuicideIsNotTheSolution wrote on September 7, 2011 at 8:15 pm
Happy times I dream about the future.ย Sad times suicide was on my mind. The next minute suicide was off my list.ย And then suicide was back on my mind again. It's like we have an on and off relationship.

But then it all began with...
One early morning,
my sister decides to leave me and my family regardless of my pleading and begging for her to stayย 
she LEFT! I did not know why she left?! I cried so much. I was scared to the point of losing her.
She did not leave any contacts.
I tried to look for her everywhere but could not find her.
Besides our little sister fights every now and then i still love her alot.
I miss her so so much. I panicked and cried so hard at the thought of not seeing her again.ย 
I wonder.. Where is she now? What is she doing?
I wish to see her even just for one time!
I cried and cried then suddenly I woke up!
Tears continue running down my cheeks.
I was still crying until a short moment later I realized it was all just a Dream...
It felt so real.
I pinched myself and yes it hurts a little.
I thanked God it was only a dream.
Straight away I picked up my phone to call her just to really make sure it was only a dream. She answered the phone. I tell ya the moment I heard her voice, I let out a huge breath of relief. I could breath again. In a shaky voice I told her that I love her.

From this dream I experienced something extraordinary. It made me realize how painful it is to lose someone. So I made a promise to myself no matter what, I will not think of anything that could hurt myself, my family nor loved ones.

So if you are reading this n thinking of suicide just remember this-everything happened for a reason and there is always a solution. Look on the bright side and look around you. You may think that you have the worst problem on earth and have no solutions. You may also like to think again that there are many people out there who are facing far more dramatic problems then yours. Examples, People who are facing poverty but still living their life OR people who are sick but still fighting for every second of their life. So why are you wasting your precious life?! Especially if you are young, there are many surprises ahead. Don't let a criticize or tease let you down. I believe everyone has a talent including You, so give yourself a challenge to discover it. Besides, thinking of a way to suicide is hard and a waste of time. During this time you could go out, do something fun. Believe me you'll find something amazing and more worthwhile sweetheart. Personally I met a few great friends and found the love of my life who treats me so well.

Oh have you thought of what could go wrong? Like fail suicide attempt could end you up in a hospital with a broken arm or leg and God knows what. That will only make matters worst for you and your loved ones right? So Keep Your Mind n Heart Open.

Lets be realistic. The main person to help you is you. My advice is don't just sit there alone thinking blah blah blah this n that suicidal stuff but actually go talk to an expert or someone you feel comfortable with. Have a cry and let it all out. This could really help you ease any pain. And like someone said after you help yourself you could then help others along the line. If you really can't talk to anyone, then try to keep yourself busy. Keeping yourself busy will help you from thinking harmful, unhealthy thoughts. If you are not working then find something to do that you enjoy like gardening, cooking, tidy up your room or even writing the ABC's in different styles. There are many ways. As a matter of fact nothing is perfect. Life is all about experimenting what works for you as there is no right to wrong.

Things that make me feel good when I am down are singing, food and shopping! When I'm broke I take a walk, do something I love at home. You might think the following method is a bit freaky or better as friendly social skills but it will work wonders- smile at everyone you see. If they smile back you'll feel good if not it doesn't really matter. Have a good laugh at everything, even when you are angry. Trust me it will cool things down, by then you think more clear and act accordingly.

By the way I ain't no expert. I'm just speaking from the mind from what I learnt and through experiences. Thank you for this wonderful website that allows me to reach out a helping hand (i hope i did). Sorry if it's too long. I really hope this helps anyone thinking along the way to harm themselves. My love sends to you!!! Goodluck and have a happy life.

Remember you will not achieve anything from suicide. Imagine the greater things u can achieve in LIFE.
So what are you waiting for...
Go catch your dreamz...

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