Reason to Live Wall

A Reason To Live Wall

The aim of this wall is to give those who do have a reason to go on living a chance to share their reason with those who have none of their own. With your help we might be able to give suicidal people something to help them carry on. Maybe they can take your reason for living and use it as a reason to keep going themselves.

You do not need to be logged in to add a comment to this wall but, to prevent abuse and spam, your comment will not appear until it has been approved. This wall is for people who may be in a fragile state of mind so comments will be “cleaned up” if they contain language that may be offensive or links to questionable sites

Every day there are thousands of people all over the world who can’t think of a single good reason to go on living. Each human being is unique, one of a kind, totally irreplaceable and suicide is a dreadful waste of human potential. Help is available. The suicidal person just needs to live long enough to find it but that can be hard to do when you feel nobody cares and there is no hope.

If you are suicidal, read the wall, know it was created to give you encouragement, a bit of hope or the incentive you need to keep trying. Know that every person who added their own reason to live here was thinking of you and added it in the hope it would help you go on in the face of your despair and exhaustion.

Know that people DO care, you DO matter, you CAN be helped and call your doctor, a counsellor or your local suicide help line.

Reach out and touch someone today.

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Dishy Dishy wrote on May 25, 2010 at 8:07 pm
I've had a pretty keen sense of justice all my life. So keen, that my anger at injustice, and my feelings of impotence have often triggered depression episodes. Maybe you know how that goes - but anger always seems to be first - then, when I can't maintain that high-energy feeling any longer - I sink into depression. I'm often so disgusted by the ubiquitous injustice I see inflicted on others, and the injustices large and small I have experienced myself, that I consider checking out in disgust - but to be honest, I think LOGIC saves me, and gives me the reason I need to fight through.

You see, I'm angry because people are so rude, so uncaring, so unreliable, so disinclined to kindness, so quick to bully, ridicule, judge and humiliate others, and so thoughtless about the impact they can have on someone who is fragile. This decision to do something thoughtless or callous 'because they can' does enormous damage to people who are sensitive or traumatised, frightened or tired. I get angry at peoples reluctance to take responsibility for their actions, and consider the impact it would have.

So the logic that saves me every time is this:

If there is ONE person out there who is fragile, and that person happens to know me, like me, think I'm funny, or remember me being kind to them... whether its my cousin's girlfriend, an elderly relative, or a work colleague's eight year old child. then for me to check out, I would be impacting on that person in the worst possible way. I would be guilty of the same irresponsible thoughtlessness that I rant against! I can't bring myself to emulate the thing that makes me so angry. So my only other option is that I have to stick around - because we need to swell the numbers of GOOD people who DO get it. Can't let the bad guys win the world. Sure they sometimes win the battle - and that is infuriating beyond bearing, and I often don't know how to contain it - but LETTING them win the war by dwindling our own number is just utterly unthinkable!

So here's what I'm going to try today. I'm going to go out and do a random act of kindness - because I want the bastards to lose the battle today. I'm going to smile generously at the next person I see, even if they piss me off - just to tip the score in favour of the good guys for one more day.

If you're having one of those stay at home days today - just close your eyes and send me a happiness vibe, a prayer or a luck fairy to spur me on.
It's the best revenge against the half-wits!

xx Dishy
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