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I’m Not The Only One

It seems I am not the only one who likes animal stories. In my entry titled “Newspapers Suck” I mentioned my local paper had a picture of a lion hugging a woman.

This site is now being flooded with requests to see that picture and read that article!

I have emailed the newspaper who printed the article and picture and I have asked them to either put the picture online or sell it to me to add to the blog entry.

As soon as The Herald Sun in Melbourne Australia responds to my request for the picture they printed on, I think, January 7th I will add either the picture or a link to it if possible.

It’s nice to know my taste in what makes interesting news is shared by so many other people!

It was a really good picture too so I hope the paper will make it available to the public.


The story has broken and here is the best link I have found so far on the lion hugging woman but it was this picture, which has been cropped so you can’t see the hug as well as I did, that was in my local newspaper.

Enjoy. I did.


  • tony

    Its a pity that those newspapers don’t have links to an actual site or charity that would help that lady do her work.

  • missy

    I totally agree with you. Im not one to buy a newspaper myself, Ill read one that is at work or the doctors surgery. I like the storys that also have meaning to them and I agree with you about Shane Whats his face. what on earth is Simone thinking.

  • Kim

    Brilliant idea Tony! Feeding lions on a teacher’s wage must be hard going.

    Hi Missy and welcome. I doubt Simone is thinking at all really. I’d say she is believing what Shane says because she wants to believe it. I hope he won’t let her down again but I will be surprised if he doesn’t.

    Thank’s for commenting both of you.

    Cheers – Kim

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