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Cutting The Feed

I discovered this thing called a “feed” which allows people to suck my blog entries in full without ever coming near my blog.  I had no idea what it was all about so I have been doing some searches and looking around.  As near as I can make out it allows people to open their computer, like a newspaper, and browse through any new blog entries from the blogs they “subscribe” to.  They can open this electronic newspaper daily, hourly, weekly or any time they want to.

It seems blogs are considered some kind of authority on what is news and what is about to be news.  They are a sort of collective “voice of the people”.  There seem to be all these sites devoted to searching blogs and listing them.  There are even bots that search for mention of business names so businesses can keep tabs on whether there is any “buzz” circulating about them whether good or bad.

According to my stats there has been roughly 100 hits per week on the feed.  That’s a hundred people a week reading about my life!

When I found that out I felt like I had just climbed out of the shower and found myself in the spotlight with 100 pairs of eyes on me!

I’m not news.  I’m not newsworthy.  I don’t WANT hundreds of people knowing all the intimate details of my life!  This blog is not on the internet to provide passing amusement to hundreds of people who will skim through what I write looking for the interesting bits!

This blog is meant to be a quiet, backwater, collection of writings waiting silently and inconspicuously here for God to send the people He knows will get something worthwhile out of what I have written.  That’s it – that’s all.

My goal is to make it into search engine results only enough to allow the writings to be found by people who might get something out of them.

I won’t be linking to other blogs or seeking links from them.  I couldn’t think of anything worse than to discover this blog in some top ten blog list!

I’m spilling my guts all over the internet for people to pick through in the hope some will find meat to nurture and help them.  I don’t want this “feed” thing scooping up my guts and tossing them to people who are not even hungry!

I’m pessimistic and paranoid enough about doing this without finding out hundreds of people are casually browsing the details of my life over coffee and saying “geeze I wish she wouldn’t write such long entries!”

I was going to cut the feed off altogether but my brother didn’t think that was a good idea so I have reduced it to supply just an excerpt.  If people are not interested enough in what I have written to come here and look at it they are probably not the people it is being written for and I’d prefer they don’t read me.

I’m sorry if this annoys or offends anyone but, until I discover information that persuades me splattering my guts far and wide to all and sundry is a good idea, the feed stays restricted to just an excerpt.

At least, I think that’s what I have done, I’m about as green as it’s possible for a blogger to be and still be online!

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