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I saw a religious argument on line the other day.  As is usual with such debates, no conclusions could be drawn.  The believer still believes and the non-believer still does not believe.

Today I watched a programme about the “Secrets” hidden in the bible.  The presenter was saying God used to have a different name, Ael, and he was one of many gods the Jewish people worshiped.  She said there is evidence Ael had a wife and she was a very powerful goddess but the Jews rewrote the bible to delete all evidence of their multiple gods when misfortune struck them and they believed it happened because they broke Gods command not to worship any other gods.

She talked about a fairly recent find that “proves” God is actually Ael and he had a wife but, unfortunately, the find has disappeared.  It doesn’t occur to her to think the “evidence” might have been faked and it has disappeared to ensure the forgery is not discovered.  I have no doubt such an explanation would have been given if the find had “proved” something she didn’t want to believe though.

She talks about a sentence in the bible where God says something about coming with “my host”.  She says the Jewish word for “host” only differs from the name of the goddess she believes was god’s wife by two very similar looking letters and says she believes the goddesses name was changed to the word for host during the rewrite.

It doesn’t occur to her to question the linguistic validity of that assumption.

If someone were to be talking about being with me they would not say “I will come with my Kim”.  They would say “I will come with my wife or my partner or my friend or etc.”  If the goddesses name was the original word used in that sentence it would be the same as God saying “I will come with my Kim” (can’t remember the name of the goddess – sorry).

When the words in the bible don’t match the things this presenter wants to believe she talks about the bible being inaccurate and untrustworthy yet she uses the words contained in the bible to “prove” her arguments.  She doesn’t question that god said he would come with someone, for example, lol.  Wherever the bible contains anything she can use she exhibits the same blind faith in that particular writer that she is dismissive of when the writer is saying things that do not fit with her beliefs.

She, like everyone who tries to use the bible to promote their own agenda, points to what she likes in the book and ignores, denies, or discredits what she doesn’t like.

The bible is, and has always been in my opinion, a book that speaks to you according to YOUR will.

Want to believe women are inferior to men?  Look in the bible and point to the rule that women must cover their heads when they enter the house of God.

Want to believe it is men who are the inferior creatures?  The evidence is there in chapter one!  Adam had no balls.  He did what his wife told him to do!  He was more afraid of her than he was of God.

As a female, I reject the idea that women are to blame for the downfall, I think it only happened because they both disobeyed God.  I think if Adam had refused to eat the apple God would have been so pleased with him all would have been well!

All throughout history, however, males have wanted to blame females so it has always been a case of “It was your idea so it’s all your fault” and they have believed that even though the bible clearly states it was NOT Eve’s idea – it was the snakes idea!

Whatever you want to believe, the bible can be used to help you believe it, that’s why God has said let he who has ears to hear, hear, let he who has eyes to see, see.

If you are looking for the truth you will find it.  If you are looking for your own preferred version of the truth you will find that instead.

I don’t have a problem believing God has been known by many names over the centuries and Ael may well be one of them.  I don’t even have a problem believing he may have had a female consort at one point.  If God desired companionship so much He created the angels and then humanity, I don’t see why He would not have created a consort, a female archangel if you like.  I don’t believe the relationship would have been one that included sex because I don’t believe God is male OR female so sex would not be an issue.

I don’t understand why the fact that the Jewish people worshiped more than one God seems to be a deal breaker for this presenter since the bible acknowledges that this is what the people were doing.  The ten commandments contain God’s demand that they stop doing it so yes, people used to believe there were many gods and goddesses, it does not mean they were all real gods!  I have no doubt angels used to interact with people much more often than they do now and I suppose it wouldn’t be hard to believe an angel was a god or goddess if you came across one.

I saw another documentary recently that argued the case for believing Jesus had a wife too.  The presenter said a good father had certain obligations to his children including presenting them to the priests at a certain age and ensuring they were matched with a suitable partner.  According to the records Joseph fulfilled all of these obligations to Jesus apart from finding him a wife.  The presenter said it is highly unlikely Joseph would have failed Jesus in this one duty when he had clearly striven to fulfill all his other obligations as a good father.

I don’t have a problem believing Jesus was married.  I actually think, if he was, it increases his validity as a saviour.  What man who has never known the joys of sex has any right to demand other men practise morality?

I just don’t believe Jesus had any children.  As a psychologist, I have a good idea how the human mind works, if Jesus had a son or even a grandson our religion would be very different now.

We would be calling ourselves Davidians or Josephians, whatever the offsprings name had been, because people would have swiftly transferred their religious allegiance from Jesus to his offspring if he had left one!

Those who want to believe Jesus was just a good man and, as a man, he had a wife and children will say his children would have been kept secret for just that reason.  I don’t believe that because, human nature being what it is, such a secret could not have been kept.

Thousands of the followers of Christ would have been desperately searching for such an option rather than accept the end of their faith that Christ’s death would have caused for those who could not bring themselves to believe in the resurrection!

I have no doubt that, just as several people claimed to have Michael Jacksons baby, there were plenty of women who claimed to have had a baby to Jesus after he died but there can’t have been a single one with enough proof to make even the most desperate of them believe her claim or our religion would not be called CHRISTianity!

I used to get into religious arguments like these until I realised faith is actually not about proof, it is about choice, what do you WANT to believe?

Those who do not want to believe in God can never be given enough proof to make them believe and those who want to believe can never be given enough proof to make them stop believing.

I want to believe in God and, quite frankly, I don’t understand why any half decent person in their right mind would NOT want to believe!

I don’t want to believe mankind is the best we have!  I don’t want to believe there is no point, no reason, no sense to life or that those who do terrible things will never have to answer for their actions.  I don’t want to believe there is nobody in my corner, watching over me, loving me with a love that has no strings and seeing to it that my life has meaning and purpose.

I want to believe there is an ultimate power and that power is the embodiment of all things good and it cares about me.

Once I made the decision that I want to believe in God, the rest is easy, I simply trust Him.  I trust He has good explanations for the things I don’t understand.  I trust He will do what is best for me at all times.  I trust that, if He has a wife, it doesn’t mean He loves me any less than He would if He didn’t have one.

I have been a Christian now for over 30 years and, so far, God has proven worthy of my trust and my faith.

Take my recent thyroid operation for example.

I didn’t pray for God to do anything specific.  If I had prayed I would have asked Him to ensure the surgeon I met, the one who said he had lots of experience, would be the one to operate on me.

I left it in Gods hands, however, and He decided only the best would do for me.  He ensured I was attended by the head of surgery, the man who is above the surgeon I’d have asked for, AND the head of anaesthesiology.  I would not have thought to even ask for the top man in that department to be watching over me while I was under!

There are many who may think my beliefs are crazy but I think those who choose to go through life WITHOUT the love and protection of God are the ones who are crazy!

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