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How Do I Know God Loves Me?

How do I know God loves me?
The question popped into my head
And I wanted to write the answer
Like some of the hymns I have read.

Amazing Grace, we sang last week,
In church as we worshiped the Lord
The words were so true, so beautiful,
They offered such praise to God.

I wish I could write Him praise like that
So the whole world could see
How much I love being loved by Him
He means so much to me.

Thirty years ago I gave Him my life
And He came into my heart
He completely healed all my wounds
And gave me a brand new start.

He mended the broken parts of me
Overcame anger, fear, and hate
Filled me with His forgiveness and love
And cleaned all the old hurts off my slate.

In the beginning I didn’t trust Him
I feared His love would hurt
I thought He’d have to tear me apart
To cleanse me of all the dirt.

But He worked on me so gently
Never once was He unkind
He nourished, nurtured, and taught me
And totally changed my mind.

I must have tried his patience so
With my never ending complaints
Yet He never turned away from me
Or imposed on me any restraints.

Whenever I fell He lifted me up
Whenever I cried He was there
Whatever I needed He gave me
So much more than my fair share.

His love has been my salvation
His love has gotten me through
So how do I know God loves me?
I know it because it’s true!

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