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Update On My Health

I guess it’s time to catch this blog up with what’s been happening in my life in more depth but I want to try and keep my entries a bit shorter and to the point these days.

I have been going over all my old entries to update them, add featured images, and check for broken links and it has come to my attention that I am very long-winded sometimes!

I think I’ll do several separate updates addressing separate areas of my life. This first one will be my physical health update.

In my last entry I left the issue of finding out why there is pus in my urine for a time when I could decide what to do after arriving for an appointment with my doctor only to be told someone else would be seeing me. I found that unacceptable behaviour and I was left with the impression my doctor was not coming back. I thought things over and decided to try and find out the name of the new female doctor I believed was taking my doctors place but I found out my doctor is actually still with the medical practice instead so I made an appointment to see him.

At the visit he told me all my test results were good and the pus in my urine had dropped to normal levels by the time I took the third of three tests so whatever was causing it seems to have cured itself.

I decided to use a life skill called assertiveness to ensure his practice would not treat me so disrespectfully again. Assertiveness involves speaking up calmly, but firmly, when people treat you badly and demanding they stop.

I told him that it was not acceptable for his practice to substitute another doctor when he was unable to keep an appointment with me, without giving me the option to reschedule first, as that was very unethical and disrespectful. He said he was ill and could not keep the appointment. I said I had no problem with him not being well, that sort of thing happens, I had a problem with not being ASKED if I was willing to see someone other than him. He said “You’re right, they should have asked you, I’m sorry they didn’t and I will speak to them about it. It won’t happen again.”

I accepted his apology and I like him better for offering it. So often those in the medical profession will walk all over you and, when you object, they will just try to intimidate you, feed you bullsh*t, or fob you off with stupid excuses!

So I’m healthy.


I guess it’s either old age, the excess weight, the thyroid hormone replacement medication or an undiagnosed illness that makes me so tired and off colour all the time.

As for the out of control dandruff – getting there.

I’m taking an antibiotic that’s supposed to kill the fungus my doctor said is causing it and I am using a dandruff shampoo that I have to leave in for ten minutes and, combined, they are holding it at bay. It’s been a couple of months now and I still have it but it no longer causes a shower of talcum powder like flakes when I move my head or the wind blows my hair. It’s still bad enough to cause flakes on my black clothing if I scratch my head even a little bit though.

The substitute doctor told me he thought it wasn’t dandruff or fungal. He said it was quite clearly psoriasis and he prescribed an ointment that he said would fix it. The chemist warned me the ointment would cost $60 which I couldn’t afford at the time but I’ve been paid since then and I am desperate to clear this up so I bought it a couple of days ago.

I read the leaflet that came with it. You’re not supposed to use it “on skin affected by viral, fungal, bacterial or parasitic skin infections”.

My doctor says it’s fungal and it has responded well to treatment for that. It just hasn’t been cured.

I paid $60 bucks for the stuff! Maybe I have both? Maybe it’s part fungal and part psoriasis and the treatment up to now has cured the fungal part but not the psoriasis part?

I gingerly applied a miniature drop of the ointment on an area of the affected scalp that I could see clearly and be able to monitor. Next day I got the impression it had helped so now I’ve gone all in and put it on all the affected areas.

I’m currently sitting in bed with a shower cap on my head to prevent the ointment from staining my bedding as I’m supposed to leave it on all night and wash it off in the morning. I hope it works I really do. I’ve had this condition for over a year now and it’s driving me crazy.

My previous doctor said it was stress related and wouldn’t go away until my stress levels dropped. I didn’t feel stressed but I tried to relax anyway when she told me that. Didn’t work. I just went from not feeling stressed to feeling stressed about trying to not feel stressed!

Anyway, the long and the short of it is all the tests I had done came back clear, all is good. I’m not diabetic, I do not have an STD or tuberculosis, and there is no evidence that the cancer is back.

Physically I’m doing well.

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