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I Should Be Dancing

I wanted to go dancing last weekend but I didn’t want to go alone so I considered asking my kids to go with me.  Didn’t do it because one had other plans and the other didn’t feel well.

I doubt they would have wanted to go to any place I would like and I doubt I would like any place they wanted to go to anyway.

It sucks being older.  When I was young I could walk into any pub or club and fit right in.  The music was my music and I looked the same as everyone else so I didn’t hesitate to go if I wanted to.

I could walk into any place here in Melbourne now but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in them these days.  The music is not to my taste most of the time.  I like some of today’s music but not most of it and I don’t much like going alone because you stand out when you are older and you stand out when you are alone so you stick out like a sore thumb if you are both.

I’ve been to one over 30’s club and it was ok but not much fun by myself.  Not enough fun to make paying an entry fee worth while.

So I stay home and play computer games instead.  That is supposed to be fun but it’s starting to feel more like hard work.  The games I am playing require too much time and attention.  I have to water my fairy plants before they wilt and visit all my Pet Society friends before it’s too late to collect the gold and harvest my farm produce before it dies and it’s just not fun any more.

I added a heap of friends on Facebook to increase the amount of gold I can collect each day on Pet Society and now all these people keep sending me stuff.  I’m feeling overwhelmed and the site is starting to feel like a burden rather than fun.

It’s all such a colossal waste of time!

I should be going out to dinner, or dancing, or visit real friends and host BBQ’s etc.  I should be doing real stuff in real life not dribbling my life away on this computer!

Easier said than done.  I’m lazy.

I don’t know what has happened.

When I was younger I always had a handful of friends and we used to drop in on each other all the time.  Now I have retreated to a very solitary life.  My kids are my only social life nowadays.

There’s a lady I work with who has invited me to visit her which I plan to do.  She’s very nice but she’s married and she’s the kind of person who likes you to plan visits rather than just drop in.

I prefer friends who just drop in and don’t mind if I drop in on them.  I like unstructured friendships where they take you as they find you and you do the same for them.

Maybe I should send out feelers through all those new Facebook friends and see if there is one living nearby who likes loud music and dancing too.

I think I will.  Can’t hurt and I just might find someone to have some fun with.

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