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Burning Love

The recent bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria have been a real eye-opener for me.

It’s an ugly world these days there is no denying that.

It’s a world where children play a game that involves repeatedly raping a mother and her daughter and forcing the virtual victims to abort any child that is conceived.  The game even allows players to go online and join other players to gang rape these virtual women.

It’s a world where children not only rape and kill in the computer games they play – they do it in real life too.  Some of them even video themselves doing it so they can pass the video around and let their friends share the “fun”.

It’s a world where hundreds of people sit at their computers and watch a boy die without lifting a finger to stop it whilst other people gather at the foot of a building and urge a suicidal person standing on the edge of life to stop wasting time and tax funded resources and just jump.

It’s a world where scammers (and computer game creators) teach us to have no mercy, no sympathy and no compassion because, if we do, they will use those tender emotions to destroy us.

It’s a world that seems filled with people who have no heart, no conscience, no compassion, no morals and no decency and humanity is responding with increased incidences of depression and other mental health problems.

We are responding to it by opting out.  Some do it through suicide, others opt out via increased drug and alcohol use.  Many just stop caring and that results in an increase in violent or risk taking behaviours such as reckless driving, road rage, gang violence and other anti-social or self-destructive behaviour.

Everywhere we look the messages are clear.

Nobody cares.

There is no justice.

All that really matters is money.

We live in a world where nothing seems real any more except money.

Money can buy everything from a new, better looking, face and body to the freedom to break the law up to, and including, murder.

When nothing seems real people begin to lose trust and when people stop trusting you get cynicism.

We are cynical and with good reason.  You can’t trust anyone these days.

The news is edited and filtered.  Some of it is actually nothing more than glorified advertisements posing as news.

The gorgeous women and the handsome men are, more often than not, just figments of their plastic surgeon’s imagination these days.

The angelic looking child could easily be a rapist, child molester or schoolyard mass-murderer.

The hard-luck sob-story is usually a scammers invention and even those who do suffer some terrible tragedy for real cease to arouse our sympathy once we see them sell their story for more money than we could hope to get in a lifetime of working hard.

Every day there is a new headline.  Another priest turns out to be a paedophile, another policeman is caught bashing a negro, another doctor is accused of molesting his patients, another politician is caught in a lie, another sporting hero rapes a woman or murders his wife, another singer or actor turns out to be a domestic violence perpetrator, another famous person goes into rehab, another CEO has rorted the system and pocketed billions of dollars at the expense of company customers.

It seems like the list is never ending and it is never ending but one of the reasons for that is it’s a world-wide list.

The video of police bashing a negro may not have been Australian but that doesn’t stop me from believing Australian police have done the same thing.

It wasn’t an Australian politician who said “I did NOT have sex with that woman” but that doesn’t stop me from believing Australian politicians lie.

It wasn’t two Australian children who lured a toddler away so they could torture and kill him but that doesn’t stop me from believing Australian children are capable of doing such a thing.

It wasn’t Australian youths who shot their schoolmates but that doesn’t stop me from believing they would if they could get hold of guns more easily.

It wasn’t an Australian sporting hero who got away with murdering his wife but that doesn’t stop me from believing Australian justice could be bought off with a clever lawyer too.

If the only news I ever got was local news the world would seem a much nicer place.  There has been some terrible news here over the past few years, of course, but there’s been some good stuff too.

A man assaulted his girlfriend in public and shot three people in broad daylight in the city centre not so long ago.

He shot the girl and two men who tried to come to her rescue.  One of the men died leaving a wife and two small children.  The other man was injured.  He was a tourist.

A terrible incident.

But there was only one bad guy and he was caught.

On the other hand – there were two heroes!  One local hero who gave his life to help someone in trouble and one international hero who put his life on the line to help as well.

The Victorian bush went up in flames recently and over two hundred people lost their lives.

Some of the fires were believed to have been deliberately lit and there have been looters on the scene.

A terrible tragedy with positively evil acts involved.

But there were only a few bad guys and they will be caught.  One of them has been already.

On the other hand – there have been hundreds, even thousands, of heroes!

Within days of the Victorian bushfire casualties being reported millions of dollars had been donated along with so many goods the charities had to refuse to take more.  They couldn’t store or transport it all and so many people came to donate blood that they overwhelmed the blood collection agencies capacity to accept donations.

People had to get in line to give!

It’s easy for people to say they care but you know the sentiment is genuine when they are willing to back the words by giving up their hard earned cash and even their own life’s blood!

Hundreds of firefighters put their lives on the line to help people in trouble.  Thousands of people donated everything from cash to their own blood to help people out.

One man gave up his caravan home and went into a homeless shelter so a family would be able to stay together.

Another man took the time to give water to a suffering koala while hundreds of others went searching for injured animals and others donated time, money, goods or services to take care of them.

And the whole world said if there is anything we can do to help just say the word!

Countries all around the world stood up and offered us everything from firefighting resources to cash.

People from all over the world have not hesitated to give Australia whatever they could, as individuals, to help too.

The bushfires in the Australian state of Victoria burnt so much more than has been reported in the media.

They burnt the layer of cynical, mistrusting, callous indifference people use to protect themselves with and exposed loving hearts and generous natures.

The speed with which the heroism, love and generosity came tumbling out of people makes me think most people are actually quite nice at heart.

The fires here in Victoria have taken so much away from so many.  I consider myself blessed to find the same fires have given me a new, deeper, level of respect and admiration for people in general.

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