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Another Famous Person Died.

Soon after Steve Irwin died there was another famous death here in Australia.  I won’t name him because I’m about to speak ill of him in a way.

The headlines splattered the news of his infidelity along with his death and his wife was there saying she knew all about it and it didn’t make him any less of a hero.

In a magazine I read today there was a letter to the editor demanding to know why his demise had not been given the same attention as the death of Steve Irwin.

This man was far and away more famous here in Australia than Steve Irwin or perhaps it would be truer to say he has been famous for a lot longer than Steve.

So why did Steve’s death cause such a massive fuss all over the world whilst this death is almost ho-hum?  There was a woman in the supermarket today buying every magazine with Steve’s face on the cover.  Steve’s face is still on the covers yet this other famous person died after him.  I’ve seen very little about the second death apart from the initial coverage.

Could it be that the word “hero”, whilst claimed by many, belongs to only a select few?

When two famous people die at the same time it tends to be the one who is most loved who gets the attention.

This other man was famous for winning.  He was the sort of man to attract groupies.

Steve was famous for caring and giving all of himself to what he loved regardless of how silly it might have made him look.  He was the sort of man who would not have known what a groupie was let alone betray his wife and children for one.

The good man, not the good looking one, got the accolades.

The last time this happened it was Mother Theresa and Princess Diana who died and Mother Theresa barely rated a mention.  Clearly people loved Diana more than Mother Theresa.

It was the good looking woman, not the good woman, who got the accolades then.  Diana did, of course, do good works but nothing she did comes close to the sacrifices Mother Theresa made for others.

I wonder if that means we prefer men to be good and women to be good looking?

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