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Ghost Whisperer

Last night I watched the TV series, Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt.  I know God says the occult is off limits to Christians but I figured watching the show did not involve me participating in the occult so what harm could it do.

This morning, however, I woke up with the feeling God wanted me to write a warning about this show.

It isn’t that I don’t believe in ghosts, I just don’t believe they are the souls of dead human beings.  I don’t believe God lets us go into limbo to wander the earth as a ghost after death.  I believe death is the end of it until God returns to wrap things up.

I also don’t believe everyone will get to “go into the light” when the time comes.  Only those who have accepted Christ will be saved.

I do, however, believe in demons and I believe that is what ghosts are.  I believe ghosts are actually demons impersonating the dead to try and deceive the living.

Not everyone will agree with my beliefs but, if I am correct and ghosts really are demons out to do us harm, what sort of damage are shows like Ghost Whisperer doing?

Some people do see ghosts, of that I have no doubt, but most people do not and most people don’t want to.

This show presents ghosts as human beings in trouble, real people who just need a little help from the living to “cross over into the light”.

In last nights episode a young girl was seeing ghosts and the central character was trying to teach her how to help them.  The message was “they mean you no harm but you must help them or they will not leave you alone”.  Isn’t refusing to leave someone alone when asked to do so doing harm?

“Help me or I will haunt you forever” sure sounds like a demonic threat to me!  It’s blackmail and since when is blackmail harmless?

The girl was unwilling to have anything to do with ghosts.  She did not want to be a “Ghost Whisperer” and the central character was extremely upset about that.  Her view was that there are very few people who can see ghosts so there are very few people ghosts can get help from.  She felt anyone with “the gift” had an obligation to work with it.

I can’t think of anything more frightening than the idea of anyone, let alone a child, welcoming the approach of demons and believing they should try to help them!

The potential for Satan to cause harm with this false belief is huge.  Along with the idea that ghosts are human goes the belief ghosts don’t lie but that is not true either.  Demons lie all the time.

Well intentioned people, and I fear there will be a growing number of them, who want to be like the Ghost Whisperer and help the dead will be putty in the hands of demons wanting to lead them astray.

The simple fact is, a ghost is a demon trying to lead humanity away from salvation in any way it can and, if it can do other types of harm to any member of the human race along the way it will.

If I ever see a ghost, and I very much doubt any would bother to come near me, I will order it to return to its master and it will go.  Demons are not allowed to pester humanity.  They know that.  They just rely on us not knowing it.

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