Ozzy Osbourne
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Ozzy Ozbourne

I read an interview with Ozzy Ozbourne and his wife Sharon today and I envy that woman so much!

Not because he’s a star, not because he’s good looking, not because he is rich, not because of all the material things he has given her but because he has a faithful heart.

He is not my type at all.  I don’t go for the goth look and I don’t much care for his music or blasphemous ways either.  He appeared brain damaged from all the drug and alcohol abuse when I saw him on their reality show too and I gather he still struggles with the after-effects.

But what I saw in him was the kind of love for his wife that will keep him with her until death parts them and, for that, I forgive him everything else about him that offends me.

He would have been subjected to the kind of temptation few men could ever resist over the years and he has stuck with Sharon.  It has to be love.

Most men think they are the faithful sort but that’s because they have never really been tested.  Ozzy would have been tested in all imaginable ways and his heart has stayed true.  I love him for that because it restores some of my own faith in men.

I’d get in line to have Ozzy Ozbourne if I thought he would outlive his wife, Sharon, but I doubt he will.  He’s not my kind of man at all but, for a heart as faithful as his, I’d overlook that.

He is reported to have said, about trading Sharon in for a younger woman, “The sex might be all right but what would you talk about?”

Where can I find a man like that?!

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