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The Angel Is A Coward

There’s a picture on the front page of my local newspaper today.  It shows a shirtless man with his lip curled in a sneering smile.  He’s an attractive man if you ignore the sneer.  His heavily muscled, heavily tattooed, arms are crossed across his muscular chest.  In big ornate letters the word “carnage” is tattooed across his forearm.

The headline reads: “ANGEL OF DEATH”.

I am absolutely LIVID with the brainless editor who allowed THAT to go to print!

A far more accurate, punitive, headline would have been: “PORTRAIT OF A COWARD”.

This man is no dark “angel”!  He is a spineless coward who likes to beat up on women but is too afraid to go fist-to-fist with a man.  He uses his fists on women and a gun on men.

He was big enough and brave enough to drag a woman out of a taxi by her hair but, when some good Samaritans – some REAL men, came to try and help her, he shot them and her then ran like the cowardly dog he really is.

One of the men he shot died leaving three fatherless children.  How must they be feeling to see the newspaper label their daddy’s murderer an “angel”?

According to the Concise Oxford Dictionary the word angel is defined as being a “divine messenger”.  My local RAG – no other word seems fitting right now – just lifted this piece of spineless scum from low-life to angel!  He just became the poster boy for the bikie gang he is a member of – “Hells Angel’s”.

As a psychologist I can tell you right now this man is likely to want to FRAME that front page picture of himself and he will bask in the admiration and respect of himself and any others who have the same criminal mind-set he has.

He has the looks to generate massive amounts of interest in his life story and he is likely to profit big-time from what he has done if the media has it’s way.

If he is as out of control and off-balance psychologically as he appears to be this headline could convince him his purpose in life is to slaughter those who get in his way!  Way to encourage more murders you brainless media morons!

Was the newspaper content with their pin-up poster boy picture on the front page?  Hell no!  Inside the paper was another, even more attractive photograph of him plus details of the life a murdering hells angel can have.  Pictures of his Mercedes Benz and details of his second car amongst other things.

Every punk in town is going to be hanging out to live his life and, if killing innocent good Samaritans is part of it, well they will tell themselves the guy should have minded his own business.  Every powerless, inadequate, bullied, wanna-be tough guy of any age in this city just found a new role model!  Every thrill-seeking bimbo just fell in love!

Here’s a headline, and a photo, that would have been just as powerful and far more effective on him and everyone else.

A picture of three innocent, grief stricken children staring with tear filled eyes into the camera and a headline that reads; “WHY DID YOU KILL OUR DADDY?”

Every reader, including the spineless dog himself, would then have identified with those kids and thought how they would feel if THEIR daddy had been shot just for trying to help someone.

The dog would have been forced to hide from people angry at the thought of him killing THEIR dad.  Instead he is riding high on people’s fear that he will shoot them too.  In the minds of people like him fear is mistaken for respect.  They don’t understand what real respect is as they have never, and likely will never, know what real respect feels like.

They settle for fear, they crave fear, they thrive on fear and that useless rag of a paper just made his dreams come true.  A whole town has been warned the “Angel of death” is very dangerous and should not be approached.

I would be VERY interested to know what games HE played as a child because this sure sounds far fetched enough to fit many a violent game scenario!

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