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About Me

Welcome to my web site optimization service.  I called my site “Words By Kim” because words are the tools of my three trades.  I am a skilled writer, a qualified psychologist and I offer a web site optimization service writing copy for search engines.

I have always enjoyed writing.  I have a BA with a double major in journalism so writing is one of my primary skills.  I am good at writing but, after a two week placement in the field as a journalist, I knew I did not want to be one.  I could not put “The Story” ahead of the people involved.

My other love was psychology.  I found helping people more rewarding than having to write sensational accounts of their pain so I became a psychologist.  I am currently a registered psychologist with six years experience and still work in the field.

One day a contact in a web site design company called me to see if I could write web copy for them.  They needed content for a webpage about wardrobes and could not think of anything to say.  When I completed the job they had a whole web site about a gardening service requiring my web site optimization service.  They needed someone to write creatively about compost and I don’t believe there is anything I cannot write creatively about so I agreed to tackle it.

I wrote keyword enhanced articles for these topics and they were put online.  I was told very few writers can write good search engine optimized copy let alone creative search engine optimized copy and the company,, asked me to join them as a web site optimization service copy writing consultant.

My wardrobe article went to first page of search engine results for a range of “wardrobe” keywords very quickly and helped the entire website get high search engine rankings.  The compost articles took that website to first page of all search engine rankings for several keywords within weeks.  Pages I rewrote on caring for marble and granite began appearing in search engine results within days.  They had been completely unlisted before I rewrote them.
My contact at Bywild web site design was impressed.  He informed me he believed search engines love my writing style and I should have a web site to offer people a basic web site optimization service. He said the service is needed.  My web site optimization service was contracted to edit the entire website of By Wild website design.  They believed my writing would help them get out of Google's "sandbox" and achieve high search engine rankings faster.

Prior to me coming on board the Bywild website had a pr of 2 with Google and had been unable to get listed properly in the search engines for over two years.  In the nine months since my writing has been online the site has risen to a pr of 6 and it is now turning up on the first page of search engine results for several keywords.

I enjoy the challenge of providing the written aspect of a web site optimization service and I like the idea of having a web site of my own where I can offer my skills in both writing and psychology.  Those are the reasons I created this website.

Whilst I enjoy writing it is not my first love.  Psychology is my first love and I still prefer to help people above all else.  This site is a chance to help people online in many ways.

I can help people get their web site a high search engine placing so they can achieve their goals.  My web site optimization service can help people earn more money so it is only fair I charge them for that service.

The money I earn through selling my web site optimization service will allow me to offer my other skills free.  I can write helpful articles for people to read and people can ask me for information to help them deal with life and relationships.

I also keep a blog where people can read about my problems and struggles with life now, and in the past, and take comfort from seeing that even a professional psychologist can seem nuts at times.

On this website I offer three skills.  I am a web site optimization service provider, a creative writer and a psychologist offering free information.  Only one of my skills will cost you anything so look around and enjoy the rest.

If you see anything on this site you think is a mistake, you do not understand, or that gives you cause for concern please feel free to contact me.

Click here to see information about my education, training and experience and you can find information about my treatment philosophy, life experiences and memberships here.